• Training session with the president.
  • Training session with the president.
  • Training session with the president.
  • By the late 1970s karate was becoming popular in Liberia, in part because of the influence of the Bruce Lee movies which were very popular. Larry Jefferson had a karate school in Monrovia and another group worked out regularly on a driveway on Warner Ave. in Sinkor. In 1976 the Liberia Martial Arts Federation was formed.

Welcome to the Liberia Karate-Do Federation

We give you informations about the art of karate-Do sport and affiliated clubs through out the country as well as the world at large, The Liberia Karate-Do Federation is the national educational resource for the sport of karate in Liberia. Whether a member, or prospective one, the following pages will apprise you of those elements that has made the Liberia Karate-Do Federation the foremost karate organization in Liberia. You will be abreast of the latest and most reliable information available in the world of karate-Do

John Horace
President of the Liberia Karate-Do Federation

Message from the President.

The Liberia Karate-Do Federation stands for excellence, efficiency, quality and innovation. With our qualified and well trained trainers across the country. We can turn your weakness and fear into strengh and confidence.

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